Friday, November 30, 2007

Assignment # 6

My blogging experience has been very eye opening. I have never conversed like this over the internet. The farthest I've gone in the past is writing in my friends' facebook walls and IMing people over AIM. I had a lot of fun researching different movie related topics with news stories on the internet as well as writing reviews of films I had watched. I love creative writing like that, so this was more than just a homework assignment for me, it was fun. I did not dislike anything about the whole experience. 

I think I chose this topic at a great time in the Boston film industry. The streets have been full of celebrities lately and being able to cover it has been really fun. 

My admiration for citizen journalism and blogs have grown. I read a lot of other people's blogs from class and have found other movie related blogs that I have kept up with over the past few months. I think my liking of blogs will only continue to grow from here on out. 

I did share my blog with my family and friends. Of course my parents and grandparents thought it was the coolest thing since sliced bread and complimented me many times over on it. Some of my friends read it, but of course we're in a day in age where people are obviously more into what they're doing and could care less. But that is fine, because I had a great time working on it. I think I'll continue my blog throughout the coming months, but not to the extent of what its been like for the class. Hopefully I'll do the occasional movie review and maybe when Oscar season roles around and I don't have a "real job" yet (I'm graduating!) I'll polish up my writing skills by covering awards season. 

All in all, I have had a great experience with the blogging assignment. It has taught me a lot about citizen journalism, and myself in general. I think my creative writing skills have improved and hopefully my somewhat witty comments caused few chuckles out there in cyberspace. Stay tuned for more...

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mark Ruffalo Filming in Boston

Mark Ruffalo of films such as Zodiac, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and my personal favorite, 13 Going on 30, is in town filming the Donnie Wahlberg written drama Real Men Cry a long with Wahlberg and Ethan Hawke.

According to today’s Boston Herald, Ruffalo has also signed onto to star in the new Denis Lehane novel made into a movie Shutter Island and that the hot star should take out an apartment in the city if he's going to be filming here for that long.

Read the story here. 

More filming near ME!

As I was walking to the T from my apartment off of Harvard Ave in Allston yesterday morning around 9 o'clock, I noticed a film crew was setting up around my favorite Sunday brunch stop, the Grecian Diner (Go there, they have the BEST Eggs Benedict!). Of course, I was a rubber necker and tried to spot someone famous who might be there. Unfortunately, I did not see anyone I recognized so I shrugged it off and pretended that I had just witnessed the filming of a new Bob's furniture commercial. Then I came across this in this morning's Boston Globe Name's Column:

"Christopher Walken and Morgan Freeman readied to film scenes for "The Lonely Maiden" at the Grecian Yearning restaurant on Harvard Avenue in Allston early yesterday. The comedy, about three museum guards who plot to steal a painting, also stars William H. Macy and Marcia Gay Harden."
Figures! I should have skipped class and stuck around...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

New York City is bustling with 'Sex' Fans

Filming for Sex and The City: The Movie has been in progress since September, but according to an article in the New York Times, more and more fans have been lining up to watch.

The madness of the fans was hard for the filmmakers and actors to deal with. According to the article, a short 60 second scene being filmed in front of the New York City Public Library took hours to get right due to the multitude of fans gathered around the perimeter.

"When “Sex and the City,” the movie, began shooting in New York this fall, the
sight of its stars was both commonplace and traffic-stopping, breathlessly
chronicled by bloggers and gossip writers. ( cattily called it “The Most Important Movie Ever Filmed
in New York.”) Every outdoor setting inspired wicked speculation about story
lines and behind-the-scenes relationships. Even the cast and crew were surprised
by the level of attention."

In the article, Melena Ryzik talks about the cosmopolitan slurping, promiscuous Manhattan socialites, but with a different air then what would have been said three years ago when the famed HBO series ended. Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha are getting older, but nonetheless wiser in the upcoming film.

“That sort of wanton lust, it’s just not at the surface of their skin anymore,”
[Sarah Jessica] Parker said. 'What’s important to me is that Carrie isn’t frivolous and silly, that there is sophistication to her. She’s making a serious attempt
at making grown-up decisions about love and about life choices.'”

There have also been many spoilers (or maybe not...) posted on celebrity websites such as; pictures of Carrie in a wedding dress, or Charlotte with a pregnant belly have led many fans to question the plot and wonder whether or not the filmmakers are trying to trick them.

The film is set to be released on May 30, 2008. As a big Sex and The City fan myself, I am very excited to see a final end to my four favorite gals' Manhattan tales. Like myself, I am sure they have become more mature over the years and hopefully the movie will showcase that. I will end with saying thank you to whomever decided that television shows on DVD would be a good idea since that is how I became such a big fan of the series. I salute you.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Cameron Diaz in Town!

More celebs keep arriving in town! Cameron Diaz has been spotted all over the bean, shooting her new film The Box with James Marsden (who looks adorable as the Prince in Enchanted, the new live action Disney flick which just scored the number one box office spot this past weekend).

The movie revolves around a wooden box which arrives mysteriously on the doorstep of a troubled married couple, played by Marsden and Diaz. The couple open it and immediately become wealthy, but someone else has to suffer and die in order for them to be happy. Sounds a little scary! That's very unlike Cameron Diaz. The plot also sounds a lot like my new favorite television show Pushing Daisies

According the Boston Globe, Diaz dined at the famed Union Oyster House this past weekend:

We're told the actress knew her oysters and ordered up some on the half shell, tried the famed chowder and the fish and chips. After getting a tour of the restaurant, Diaz signed the book with the note: "Thanks for the Chowda!"

Watch out for Diaz and Marsden as they continue to film throughout December in the Boston area. According to IMDB, they are also filming parts in Virginia.