Monday, November 26, 2007

Cameron Diaz in Town!

More celebs keep arriving in town! Cameron Diaz has been spotted all over the bean, shooting her new film The Box with James Marsden (who looks adorable as the Prince in Enchanted, the new live action Disney flick which just scored the number one box office spot this past weekend).

The movie revolves around a wooden box which arrives mysteriously on the doorstep of a troubled married couple, played by Marsden and Diaz. The couple open it and immediately become wealthy, but someone else has to suffer and die in order for them to be happy. Sounds a little scary! That's very unlike Cameron Diaz. The plot also sounds a lot like my new favorite television show Pushing Daisies

According the Boston Globe, Diaz dined at the famed Union Oyster House this past weekend:

We're told the actress knew her oysters and ordered up some on the half shell, tried the famed chowder and the fish and chips. After getting a tour of the restaurant, Diaz signed the book with the note: "Thanks for the Chowda!"

Watch out for Diaz and Marsden as they continue to film throughout December in the Boston area. According to IMDB, they are also filming parts in Virginia.

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