Wednesday, November 14, 2007

More of Boston in the Movies!!!

This fall, a multitude of films were being filmed in downtown Boston. I hope you all recall my Kate Hudson and Alfred Molina sightings next to my work on Boylston Street! Let’s say I definitely don’t forget! However, more films will soon be coming to the bean. This month’s Boston Magazine highlights some of the films and gives a top ten play by play on what happens with the money the city makes from these films to how we, as residents of this fine city, can all get involved in the process!

Before September, Boston had had only five movies film in the past seven years! Considering the play that L.A. and Manhattan get, it’s hard to believe a city full of gorgeous scenery and a rich history did not have the same clout. What’s the best way to get in the pockets of Hollywood’s heavyweights? Tax breaks. And the city of Boston discovered this soon after their new head of the Massachusetts Film Office took over this past February. Nick Paleologos, a long with Kingston, Mass, academy award winning actor, Chris Cooper lobbied the state congress for a tax break for movie studios that filmed here. The law took effect last year and gave filmmakers a 25 percent rebate on money spent in Massachusetts. Governor Deval Patrick signed the law on July 20 and the whirlwind of actors poured into town! I guess a lot can happen when people can save a little dough.

According to the Boston Magazine article:

“Within hours, Columbia Pictures agreed to film the Paris-set Pink Panther sequel here. It was a meaningful coup: “Pink Panther has nothing to do with Boston. Not one scene,” Paleologos says, whereas the few movies previously shot in Massachusetts usually had plots that demanded they be here—and even those were doing the bulk of their filming elsewhere.”

This tax break also helps out the locals as well. When the movies are filmed here, money is literally poured into area restaurants and boutiques, as well as local electronic stores. According the article, makeup artists and hair stylists do all of their shopping on location and the stars of the films are given money to spend during their time off at local restaurants. An array of businesses are also able to cash in on the local filming. Luxury hoteliers, including the new Liberty Hotel (built in an old jail!) as well as lumber yards, florists and even porta potty distributers make a ton of money during a movie’s filming.

Another big beneficiary of the tax break is the Boston Movie Tour! According to the article:

"Jeff Coveney has been ferrying sightseers around to the city’s cinematic landmarks for a couple of years now, but with all the local filming creating widespread celebrity fever, he’s beginning to see heightened interest in his service. Last year, Coveney hosted 1,000 movie fans; this year, he’s on pace to quadruple that—and, between rides, meeting weekly with his guides to discuss new stops for their circuit."

And now I bet you're all wondering where in the city you can go to stalk...I mean "run into" these celebrities. See this chart that Boston Magazine put together of the current and future stars that are about to grace our lovely streets.

And if you're looking to get your own pretty face in front of the camera, Boston has numerous casting agencies that will help you live your dream. There is Boston Casting and C.P. Casting, both of which hold auditions for people hoping to get some one on one time with your favorite celebrity. If you are lucky enough to be an extra, expect to put in a hard days work. According to the article, extras usually work about a 12 hour shift on the weekdays. "The bulk of that is spent sitting and waiting, so bring a good book along."

It is definitely going to be exciting time this Winter when those such as William H. Macy, Cameron Diaz and above all, Brad Pitt come to town to film their upcoming features!

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