Thursday, September 20, 2007

To Go a Long with Yesterday's Post...

Pink Panther Deux director, Harald Zwart says that Boston is a "world class city," according to this morning's Inside Track in the Boston Herald.

Who knew that Boston's old buildings could substitute for the likes of Paris and Rome?

The article goes on to talk about a press scene filmed in front of the Boston Public Library yesterday. I love how I get to witness all of this action taking place!

“For the next few days, we’ll be moving around to every marble lobby in Boston,” said Zwart. “And thankfully, you have many.”

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Matt said...

Today, "Bachelor #2" (the Dane Cook / Kate Hudson movie) is filming on Carter Field (across from Davenport Commons, next to Squashbusters). I don't know what they're filming, but I'm guessing its just for today, as the Beantown Jazz Festival is tomorrow.