Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Just Another Day at the Office...

Today at my internship, I went out to get lunch for my bosses. Oh the joy of working for free. Anyway, I work directly on Boylston street, across from the Boston Public Library, where today they were filming scenes for Pink Panther Deux, with one of the stars, Alfred Molina. Most know him as the "bad guy" in Spiderman 2, as I heard people comment while watching the scenes being filmed.

There were countless numbers of onlookers, probably on their lunch break, watching the filming go down. It was very interesting to note that they were filming a scene that involved the press trying to interview Molina's character through what looked to be an iron fence. I watched them film the same scene twice before retiring back to work. But needless to say, it was quite exciting to see yet another celebrity and hear the director yell "Action!"

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