Wednesday, October 10, 2007

And the Winner for the Best Movie Website Is...

If you don't already know what I am going to say then you haven't been doing a good enough job of reading my blog!

Of course I am talking about the Internet Movie Database (IMDB). It has a whirlwind of information for any fan of movies or television. The site features the top grossers of the week, with links to the films, updated celebrity news, trivia and links to other related movie and television news topics.

The site is sort of like a blog in itself. If you become a member, you can comment on whatever actor, T.V. show or movie you would like. You can also rate movies as well and make a profile that others can look at and compare movie tastes with. Sometimes, if you read the posts, members will get into long heated discussions over who so and so is dating or if they think a plot to a certain Indiana Jones movie was well put together. It is funny how many opinions there are out there and how many people will actually post them on a website!

What I like most about this website is its accessibility. Picture yourself watching the newest Stephen Spielberg flick in your living room. You think to yourself, where have I seen that guy before!?! Hop onto the closest computer and within twenty seconds you have "that guy's" full resume right in front of you, from every movie he has ever been in, to every guest starring role he has ever had on television. It truly is amazing for that one purpose. Because of IMDB there is no more wondering for days where you have seen someone before! I can say for certain, the site has saved me from a lot of stress.

When you look up a particular film, you can find out the filming locations, if the film has been nominated for any awards, the box office business that the film has done, memorable quotes from the film and so many other great things you would never normally know.

Let's take Knocked Up for instance:

According to the IMDB site there were many "goof-ups" in the film. Some are listed below and they are funny so when you get to see it, watch out for these!:

  • Continuity: In the beginning of the movie when Alison is driving her sister's two daughters to school, the older daughter is shown wearing her seat belt, but then the camera cuts back and she is not wearing a seat belt anymore. Then for the remainder of the scene, she is wearing a seat belt again.

  • Crew or equipment visible: In the scene in Alison's Boss's office, where Alison's pregnancy is being discussed, a crew member can be seen reflected in the window behind Jill. The crew member can be seen moving about.

  • Continuity: Allison's earrings change during the scene when she's being weighed in the doctor's office. At first they are stones, then they change to gold hoops.

  • Continuity: When Alison is interviewing on the red carpet when she is pregnant, the camera guy over her shoulder is present for a profile shot, then disappears on a head on shot

  • Revealing mistakes: When Alison is arguing with Ben in her car, there is no rear-view mirror installed on the car (presumably to give the camera a better shot of them).

  • Continuity: In the scene where Ben and Alison are drinking and dancing the night they meet at the club, her hair alternates between neatly up and down. When they are shown exiting the club, her hair is once again neatly pulled back.

  • Factual errors: Ultrasound images did not correspond to stated gestational ages, and are off by many weeks.

  • Continuity: In the scene when Debbie is fighting with the bouncer outside the club, Allison has no visible pregnancy belly, on a later scene when they are sitting on there curb, her belly is huge. Her stomach size also keeps changing from big to small throughout the movie.
The film grossed approximately $148,734,225 and won a Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Hissy-fit, which went to Ryan Seacrest who guest appeared in the film.

The possibilities of information are basically endless on this website, which is why I go to it every time I watch a film. You not only learn a lot, but are also entertained, which is the best form of learning anyway!

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