Friday, September 14, 2007

First post, first celeb sighting

Boston has never been the city of celebrities or any of those other Hollywood beacons of light that are only seen in Los Angeles and New York. Sure, we have our fair share of stars that grew up here (i.e. Damon, Affleck and Wahlberg) or went to college here and are now starring in some crappy television show on Fox, but other than that, Boston is more known for its clam chowder, baked beans and Sam Adams than it is known for its movie legends.

Usually when a big budget movie is filmed in Boston, it is because there is some sort of Massachusetts or Boston element surrounding it, like in The Departed or Good Will Hunting. The story lines in those films make it imperative that the movie be shot in and around Boston.

However, things have changed lately. There are currently three Hollywood movies being filmed here! And all of them could be filmed in other locations, but Boston is apparently the new choice city. We've got an array of celebs walking down Comm Ave and Newbury street everyday it seems! The other day when I walked out of the T to go into work, they were filming at the Old South Church on Boylston street. I had been reading about "Bachelor No. 2" for a while. The movie stars Kate Hudson, Dane Cook (from Arlington, Mass!) and Jason Biggs. Biggs plays a jilted ex lover of Hudson, who then hires Cook to swoon Hudson then dump her so she'll go back to him. Hmmm...this sounds just like all of those other Kate Hudson movies I've seen before. Nonetheless, I was very giddy when I got a glimpse of her filming a wedding scene with two men dressed in tuxedos. She looked absolutely gorgeous in a red bridesmaid dress and also a lot skinnier than she normally looks, but doesn't the camera always add ten pounds?

I will be very excited to see what kind of press this movie will receive when it finally hits theaters and how well it does at the box office. As for the other movies filming in town right now, we have "Pink Panther Deux" with Steve Martin. According to the Boston Herald, they are using the Boston Public Library to film specific indoor scenes, since the movie takes place in Paris. "The Women" is also being filmed sporadically around town. This film stars Annette Benning, Meg Ryan, Eva Mendes and Debra Messing.

This blog will mainly provide information and my take on new movies, old movies and independent movies alike. I will always try to relate it to Boston in one way or another. I'll reference a lot of my favorite Boston newspapers and magazines and hopefully have some more celebrity sightings a long the way. Hopefully Boston as a filming location isn't a new trend that will disappear as quickly as the Ugg boot and mini skirt look, but will stay around like a classy pearl necklace and black cocktail dress.

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